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Hi [fname],

Time for a Quarterly Review!

The first quarter of the year is over! I have been checking in to see where I am with my goals and dreams!

If you recall my newsletter of Jan this year, I'm not too hot about setting specific goals, instead a general "theme" for the year. My theme for 2014 is UPGRADE! Upgrade my work, my programs, my relationships, my health, my thoughts, my beliefs, my self worth, etc … you get the idea.
I am thrilled to update that my UPGRADE intentions are in full swing.

At work, I am developing new products and services to better serve my clients.  At home, a big renovation project is about to begin with changing all ceilings and flooring. For health, apart from my regular mind decluttering, soul nurturing and centering walks in the evenings, I have tripled the water intake per day and feel so much better and lighter!

One area that has seen a triple upgrade is the area of self-growth and development. Having invested in a mentor for becoming a transformational author, which is still ongoing, I am now off for a 7 Day retreat to Bali with the Money Goddess Morgana Rae, to raise my wealth consciousness so I can live a lifestyle of freedom and help many more do the same. I also signed up for the AWESOMENSS FEST happening in Phuket, Thailand, to learn and grow from some of the best motivational speakers on the planet like Lisa Nichols. It's also an amazing opportunity to connect with heart centered, like minded entrepreneurs from around the globe, who are extremely passionate about what they do.

All in all I am pretty thrilled with the quarterly review and want to check in with how you are doing too! Are you on track? Satisfied? Thrilled? Feeling a bit lost? No worries. That's why it is a good time to reflect, review and refocus so you can move forward with renewed strength, clarity and energy.

In case you are feeling a bit lost about where you are headed and lacking clarity, my featured article below might help!

To your continued success!

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Featured Article

The Disconnect Syndrome!

Are You Suffering From DS?

Have you heard about the DS Syndrome? I have bumped into so many folks who are suffering from this. It is so rampant and yet many are still blissfully unaware. I thought I must tell as many people about it as possible so they can prevent themselves from this affliction. It's called the DISCONNECT SYNDROME!

Kindly note the symptoms so you are able to catch this sickness in the early stages:

  • you feel like you are meant to be doing so much more than you are now!
  •  your heart aches because you feel like you are simply drifting away without any purpose?
  • you feel stuck in a job that you are doing for the sake of it, not because you are totally inspired and LOVE every minute of it!
  • you are meeting people and when they ask how you are doing, you say "fine and you?" but deep down NOTHING in your life feels fine!
  • you feel distracted and out of focus.
  • you have stopped craving social relationships and even feel edgy in close relationships 
  • life seems to moving on robotically without any fun and juiciness!
  • you wonder if this is all there really is to your life?
  • you watch with sadness other living their dreams and passion but you feel stuck without a clue of what to do next!

How do I know about this Disconnect Syndrome in such great detail, (and trust me there is more to that diagnoses)?

Well it is because I have suffered from it. In fact, in 2007 I went in and out of hospitals for 8 months and followed their treatment for their diagnoses of my sickness COSTOCHONDRITIS, (an inflammation of a ligament that connects the breast bone and ribs). Unfortunately it didn't work at all. It got much, much worse and I was advised to be on bed-rest indefinitely due to chronic pain.

After healing myself from this pain by myself, I was able to give it the REAL diagnoses. The DISCONNECT SYNDROME! And once I healed this dis-connect feeling, I was able to move forward in life with confidence and strength, joy, happiness and a clear purpose!
Here are some basic things you do if you seem to have DS symptoms:  

  • Do Not ignore the DS symptoms, it will bring more pain and dis-ease!
  • Go inside and ask yourself, what things did I love to do that I have stopped doing? And try and bring them back into your daily life. Begin with just one thing that you could start right away…gardening, painting? singing? exercise? whatever it is… and that happy energy might move you to more happier things!
  • Ask yourself, what am I tolerating that I don't want to tolerate anymore? See what you can let go of…(old clothes, furniture, annoying friends???)
  • Look at your "should list" do only what feels absolutely necessary.
  • Find "me time" every day
  • Be nicer to yourself, instead of getting angry and blaming yourself. You are doing the best you can!
  • Get expert help! We all have blind spots and we have no way of seeing or knowing may be at the root of our issues!

If you feel called, fill in this online survey to qualify for a FREE Assessment Session with me!

Remember that the solution to the DS is the KEY to you, your dreams and the life you desire and deserve. Life is too short not to live your best life. Are you going to wait for the "right time", or will you do something NOW! You get to choose!

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"Shalini helped me discover the meaning of freedom. Freedom from painful memories and chains of emotions. I had the opportunity to write an article about her while I was living in Thailand and writing for a magazine – Traversing The Orient. What a beautiful experience with a very talented woman. The minute you meet her you feel peace."

Allison Russell - Safety and Compliance Manager at Lynden, Inc.

About Shalini

Shalini is an Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert. She is a certified Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work from Delhi University, India. She also holds a Certificate of Participation in Radical Healing, Emotional Empowerment Therapy and is a certified Reiki Level 1 practitioner.

Shalini began using EFT to relieve herself from her physical pain. As she used the EFT Technique, she instantly discovered reductions in her pain levels. Following EFT's Personal Peace Procedure, she worked on "letting go" of all the old hurts, angers and pain. Practicing EFT for about an hour or two everyday for almost a month, she not only freed herself completely from every single pain in her body, but discovered a deep passion to empower others to help themselves using EFT.

Shalini is now focused on working long term with a small group of clients who are tired of feeling "stuck" in their situation and are "ready" and "committed" to bringing in BIG SHIFTS that they seek in their lives.


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