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Vacation Vacation

Awesome August is here!

The month of July has been a peaceful, joyful ride with friends, family, and home as the focus.

The Soccer World Cup arrived at the perfect time when kids were having their summer break. Despite the crazy show times (2 or 3 am in the morning!!) it was a treat hanging out with kids, munching nick nacks and cheering the teams on. Along with all this excitement, there was this chaotic energy at home with my entire condo being renovated.

July ended on a high note with a 5-day trip to Koh Samui. The villas at the Conrad hotel were sublime. Chilling out at the infinity pool, speed boat rides, island hopping, water sports, yummy dinners and just watching gorgeous views of the sun setting and rising!

Kids are all set and excited for a brand new school year. I'm eager to get back with my clients and thrilled to continue my journey of "upgrading" by investing time, energy, money to work with my new mentor, Morgana Rae, for a full year. What a ride that's going to be!

Are you feeling fulfilled in your life? Which area(s) of your life don't feel fulfilled? What actions are you taking towards them? Take a stand! Nothing shifts unless you do!

To your continued success!

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Are your growing or going in circles?

Hi again!

Are You Growing or Going in Circles?

Is this you?

Have you been aching to move past a certain block in your life? Are you looking for a breakthrough and it feels like it's never coming? Do you feel like you want to grow and move to that next level but something is just holding you back and you aren't quite sure what it might be?

Sometimes we find that despite our clear intentions to move forward, we are really only circling round and round. We feel overwhelmed, frustrated and there is an aching in our heart that only we know. On the outside it all looks "fine", but when we are honest with ourselves, something clearly feels "off!" It seems that no matter what we try, we are still in the same place, we haven't moved.

So why are you not growing past those hurdles and just going in circles?

In my work with clients and years of working with myself, I have found several different reasons why we get stuck. I will share 2 key reasons here: 

1. The Blind Spot Factor

Sometimes, we feel like we have done everything yet we are stuck! We feel dejected and accept that we have to just accept this and live with it!

But what we don't realize is that we have only done everything WE KNOW about our issue. We fail to realize that may be we have a blind spot!

We fail to realize that there may be people out there who know other things about our issue that we don't know. And that what they know can help us move past our challenges.

So when you are feeling stuck having tried different things, ask yourself…Do I have a blind spot about this issue? What if there is someone out there that can help me identify and clear my blind spot?

It is important to recognize that sometimes what is needed to move forward is to get help, so moving out of that state of discomfort becomes possible. It takes courage, a sense of willingness and open mindedness to accept and admit that we all have some blind spots and that its ok to get help! That sometimes the ‘go-it-alone" strategy isn't enough!

2. The Readiness Factor

There other big reason people keep going in circles with an issue is that despite the fact that on a conscious level they really want it, somewhere deep within, they really aren't ready to get it!  Yes! I know it might sound a bit strange and crazy! But that is what happens sometimes when you find you are trying hard to get there and not reaching there!

You may wonder why would someone be afraid to get what they have been desperately trying to get? Because when you get what you want, along with it come other changes which might feel overwhelming & scary! 

It could be that we are not ready for what we want because it requires being a lot more responsible, moving out of your comfort zones, doing things that you have never done before. Deep down you may not be ready because there is a fear of  failure, fear of being judged. Fear of all the changes that are likely to follow when you get what you want!

So if you say you really want something and you notice that you are just not getting it despite all your effort... Go ahead and ask yourself..." Am I really ready for this?"  What am I afraid of? What will be the downside of getting what I want? What will I have to step up and step into? What might I have to give up to get there? Do I doubt I can get there? Am I not believing it's possible for me?  Or may be it requires making some kind of investment of time, energy and money that you are not prepared to do. Ask yourself honestly...on a scale of 0-10, how ready am I for this?

We need to be aware of these inner hurdles before we can move forward freely and fully!  It's only when we are truly in alignment with our desires, that the path to our dreams opens up and we find ourselves moving forward effectively and passionately toward our dreams.

Truly the question is never really about whether the change you seek in your life is possible or not. The more relevant question is are you ready? Ready to recognize that maybe you have a blind spot; ready to seek help to move past those blind spots; ready to go deeper and release those inner blocks that are keeping you circling forever!

So now that you have a better understanding of the potential blocks in your way, what will you do to move forward with your dreams? Remember, there is always a way out. Will you move past your inner hurdles and do whatever it takes to get to your dreams? It's totally up to you!

And if you feel like you are ready and need support and guidance with someone who has been there where you are and come out on the other side, I am very happy to support you on that journey! Fill in the online survey at to qualify for a 45-minute Assessment Session with me!

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"I had suffered from anxiety disorder for 15 years. It was something that had affected my business traveling and sometimes even jeopardized my and sometimes jeopardized my career. I tried Shalini's EFT with a lot of skepticism at first, as it seems to defy logic.

But it worked! I was surprised at how amazingly calm I was when I later traveled in the underground MRT train or even when I  took the elevator to the 30th floor. I felt such ease and calm, when in the past, these issues where giving me a lot of stress,                 
Stomach tensions, fear and anxiety!

This is amazingly simple and easy to do anytime anywhere  and …it works! Thanks Shalini!"

Nadim Xavier Salhani
 Group Managing Director, Au Bon Pain, Dunkin Donuts (Thailand)

About Shalini

Shalini is an Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert. She is a certified Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work from Delhi University, India. She also holds a Certificate of Participation in Radical Healing, Emotional Empowerment Therapy and is a certified Reiki Level 1 practitioner.

Shalini began using EFT to relieve herself from her physical pain. As she used the EFT Technique, she instantly discovered reductions in her pain levels. Following EFT's Personal Peace Procedure, she worked on "letting go" of all the old hurts, angers and pain. Practicing EFT for about an hour or two everyday for almost a month, she not only freed herself completely from every single pain in her body, but discovered a deep passion to empower others to help themselves using EFT.

Shalini is now focused on working long term with a small group of clients who are tired of feeling "stuck" in their situation and are "ready" and "committed" to bringing in BIG SHIFTS that they seek in their lives.


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