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Hello again!

2014 is in full swing!

For most folks around the world, it is Spring time! The buds are flowering and the trees are a beautiful green again. Well, here in Bangkok, we are in the middle one of the hottest months of the year!

Despite the rising heat, I am still feeling cool and refreshed and eager and excited back from an extremely fun, transformative authors retreat in Baltimore. Co-authoring a book, Pebbles In a Pond, to be launched on June 24, 2014, I'm excited to begin the journey now of writing my own book, to be finished and launched at divine timing!
As I reflect on the retreat, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be guided by a wonderful soulful mentor and connect with amazing women who've transformed their biggest challenges into their biggest strengths. An unexpected surprise at the retreat was being requested to do a 2 hour EFT Tapping session by my mentor for the group. To my absolute delight, during the next few days at the retreat, we had most of the group tapping away their "stuff" away and sharing their shifts with me! Since coming back from the retreat I have heard many more amazing stories from them on how they are effectively using "tapping" with their kids and family!

So what are you willing to be open to today? What new ideas, tools, are you willing to try? It's usually when you are ready to go beyond what you already know that you make discoveries that transform your lives positively, significantly, forever!

Talking of transformations, if you are feeling stuck and looking for ways to help yourself, the featured article has some great tips!

To your continued success!

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Featured Article

Let Go To Grow!

Let Go & Let Your Light Shine Bright

Spring is here! A wonderful opportunity to let go of all the clutter in your life!

Just as we accumulate physical clutter in our homes, offices, closets, we accumulate EMOTIONAL clutter as well. While most people do take time to clear out the physical clutter in their space once in a while  (because it is so visible), most are clueless or don't really think they are supposed to do anything about EMOTIONAL CLUTTER. The few that are aware, don't really know how to clear it, or think they have let it go because they never think about it now.

Truth is we begin to collect emotional baggage (subconsciously by default) from a really early age (0-7 years are key). We pick up patterns of thinking, feeling, believing from all our experiences with the significant people in our lives, the media, our culture, education system etc. Our past hurts, feelings of guilt, shame, anger, resentment, fears etc. get stored in our cells and become part of our cellular memory. So if you do not take time to consciously "let go" of the emotional baggage, it begins to interfere in your daily life, holding you back, clouding your mind, slowing you down and keep you from moving freely towards your dreams and creating to pain and dis-ease.

Signs of EXCESS Emotional Baggage :

  • You are feeling stuck in some area of your life and that is seeping into other areas as well
  • You have chronic pain (yes even though it seems like it was because of that accident!!)
  • You find yourself stuck in a limiting pattern (a limiting behaviour, a limiting relationship etc) that show up again and again
  • You have been trying to get to a goal for a while but you are still stuck
  • You feel like life is not working for you, it's working against you!
  • You find yourself complaining a lot and have other friends who are also complaining like you
  • You have confidence issues, anxiety issues, trust issues
  • You feel a disconnect with your life

  Some tips to let go of the emotional debris in your life:

  1. Make sure you have some "me time" in your day
  2. Find a quiet spot where no one will bother you and sit there with a note pad and a pencil
  3. Begin with taking an inventory of your inner world- go within and ask yourself:

    • in which area of my life do I feel unease right now – work, health, money, relationships etc.
    • What are the immediate issues on my mind?
    • Are there situations, or people in my life draining me out?
    • What's getting in the way of achieving my goals and dreams?
    • Why am I feeling this way?
    • What old grudges, resentments, feelings of unforgiveness, feelings of shame, fear am I still holding on to?
  4. Write it out - just like clearing physical clutter, taking time to write it out helps to clear it from your inner world out in the open.
  5. Prioritize the issues that need immediate attention - look at the list in front of you and see what needs attention right away, what can be done. Think how you can shift the energy on those topics one by one. Question yourself "is it really true?", "what if there is another way of looking at this?" "am I being open?" , "what if there is another way of seeing this?", "How is this making me feel?", "What can I do to feel more ease around this issue?"

We all have emotional baggage, it's a part of living all the ups and downs of life's journey. The problem is that we add layers and layers of the emotional debris everyday and never really take time to clear and cleanse and let go.

In my 90 Days to Personal Peace Program, we go deep within to step by step clear out the different layers of Emotional Debris so you can move forward freely, happily, peacefully, confidently and speedily towards your dreams and goals.

So my question to you is: what are you going to do today to let go? Will you (like most folks) turn a blind eye to that emotional clutter? Or will you begin a whole new journey today? How bright will you allow your light to shine? It's really all up to you!

And, if you are someone who is overwhelmed at the thought of clearing out the emotional backpack and need support and expert help, feel free to sign up here –, and qualify for a Complimentary Assessment Session with me.

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"I am really happy I found Shalini and grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by her with the Personal Peace Program. It has helped me immensely in clearly identifying and releasing long-held negative beliefs and blockages that have kept ‘me' from ‘me'. More importantly, her insightful and empathetic guidance has helped in arming myself with the right tools to a better, more empowered and connected place, a place which I am in now.

If you really care about understanding what is holding you back and if you want to make space for peace, prosperity, health and abundance to come into life, I highly recommend you give her a call. It has changed my life for the better. I believe it will change yours too."

Ram KrishnaRaja, Thailand

About Shalini

Shalini is an Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert. She is a certified Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work from Delhi University, India. She also holds a Certificate of Participation in Radical Healing, Emotional Empowerment Therapy and is a certified Reiki Level 1 practitioner.

Shalini began using EFT to relieve herself from her physical pain. As she used the EFT Technique, she instantly discovered reductions in her pain levels. Following EFT's Personal Peace Procedure, she worked on "letting go" of all the old hurts, angers and pain. Practicing EFT for about an hour or two everyday for almost a month, she not only freed herself completely from every single pain in her body, but discovered a deep passion to empower others to help themselves using EFT.

Shalini is now focused on working long term with a small group of clients who are tired of feeling "stuck" in their situation and are "ready" and "committed" to bringing in BIG SHIFTS that they seek in their lives.


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