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Queen Sirikit National Convention Park

It's September already!

Yesterday, after a long time, I re-started my walks at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Park, here in Bangkok. A bit of a background- I have done endless walks here and experienced pure magic most of the time. It is where I "walk and tap" and get a good dose of inspiration, get clarity and refuel my heart and soul no matter how I am feeling!

But strangely, during the kids holiday break, I stopped these walks for no good reason. It's not hard to get the park- this place is probably a 7-10 minute walk from my house. I get amazing views of the park from every balcony of my condo (5 balconies)! So despite the tempting views everyday and having no odds to get here, and always feeling good when I'm there, I still chose not to go! Crazy right? In my head I said to myself, "I'm busy with kids, there is so much going on, I'm so tired after all the renovation, I'll go later". Lame excuses and self sabotage!

It took September to woo me back to this little paradise and what an awesome treat it was to be greeted to this magical and enchanting view! I was in complete awe!

It's funny how we tend to push aside from our priority list the very things that center and ground us and give us a joyful ‘high'! I'm now refocusing and resuming the walks to the park so I can experience a touch of magic in my life everyday!

What about you? What activities have you pushed aside that would actually give you a big high or just shift your energy in a new way? Don't wait too long and miss out! Carpe Diem!

Keep ‘tapping' your way to peace!

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Your Pain has a message for you!

We know that PAIN is a universal experience. Whether it is a Physical Pain (headaches, stiff back, shoulder aches, chest pain), or Emotional pain (loneliness, boredom, emptiness, sadness, disconnectedness etc.), we all experience it at some point in our lives.

But what if “pain” is simply a message or an SMS from your body communicating to you that something is off-balance, something needs looking into?

Just a few short years ago, in 2007 to be exact,  I was in severe chronic pain. I took endless medications and when that didn't work, I tried physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, rib belt, neck support, acupuncture, changed my pillow, changed my work chair etc. . Finally I had to quit my job and be on bedrest indefinitely. My last option, the doctors advised, was surgery (but no guarantees ofcourse!).

Luckily for me, I discovered a new way out - no medication, no technology, no instruments! It's called “TAPPING”. As I applied this new approach for over a month, I was free of every single pain I had! Having healed myself from my chronic pain and worked with hundreds of clients over the past 6 years, what's become crystal clear to me is:

  • Physical pain is simply a message from your body. It's the body's way of trying to get your attention and tell you that something inside is just not working. ( I'm not talking here about the pain you get after a good workout!)
  • Pain speaks to us at first in small, soft symptoms. Little aches and pains. If we ignore these soft messages, the message gets louder through more prominent symptoms. And if we continue to ignore it, it starts to screams out loud through big symptoms so that we are forced to deal with it.
  • “Emotional baggage” is at the root of a significant amount of pain we experience.
  • Old unresolved emotional conflicts don't simply fade away with time. They get stored in our cells and over time overload our system, deplete our immunity and create pain & dis-ease.

We tend to think of pain as a negative thing. But pain is good thing in a way.  If we didn't experience pain, there would be no way for the body to let us know what was going on inside. Pain gives us feedback and lets us know when something needs looking into. However, most of us, when we experience pain, we rush to “treat' it with a balm or medication, and drugs, etc. While that might make the pain go away for a while, it hasn't really left your heart and soul and is certain to return in a new stronger way sooner than later!  
To decode the REAL deeper message of Pain, you may want to ask yourself:

  1. When did this pain start? When did I first notice this pain? Yesterday?, 2 months ago?, 20 years? early childhood?
  2. What was the stress in my life, before the onset of this pain?
  3. What painful incident of my life does this pain remind me of?

When I work closely with clients, I'm always sharing with them how pain in different parts of the body…knee, lower back, upper back, middle back, hip, left hand, right foot, also all have different messages and what each possibly stands for.

As you develop a habit of tuning inward to listen deeply to the  different messages from your body, being very honest with yourself, you too will be able to decipher the different symptoms that show up. No longer will you feel like a victim of your pain. Instead you will begin to responsibly take action to release emotional blocks at the root of your pain so you can experience lasting relief and peace!

Here's my favorite definition of pain, by Iyanla Vanzant: “Pay Attention Inward Now!”

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"As a medical doctor for almost 20 years, there were times I wondered why we give same treatment to patients with the same diagnosis and they do not respond in the same way?  When I fell ill with autoimmune disorder 10 years ago I discovered that mind over matters does have a big role on one's well-being. A few years after, I found myself back to ill health and depression. I contacted Shalini and joined her Personal Peace Program. This step by step approach helped me clear the long buried emotional baggage which was unknowingly having an impact on my health and my daily life.  As I moved on with this program working on emotional issues, I started noticing a big changes in my outlook towards life. All in all, I have emerged stronger, wiser, and happier and healthier.  I have learnt that I can tap off my distress anytime anywhere and that it does help me to be more aware of my feelings and deal with them effectively.

If you are in any state of chronic illness and have no clue what else to do, try EFT Tapping, it may be the KEY TO YOUR EMOTIONAL FREEDOM AND MAKE YOU DIS-EASE FREE!!"

Dr. Nilarat Premmanisakul                                                                                                               Global Doctors Clinic, Bangkok

About Shalini

Shalini is an Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert. She is a certified Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work from Delhi University, India. She also holds a Certificate of Participation in Radical Healing, Emotional Empowerment Therapy and is a certified Reiki Level 1 practitioner.

Shalini began using EFT to relieve herself from her physical pain. As she used the EFT Technique, she instantly discovered reductions in her pain levels. Following EFT's Personal Peace Procedure, she worked on "letting go" of all the old hurts, angers and pain. Practicing EFT for about an hour or two everyday for almost a month, she not only freed herself completely from every single pain in her body, but discovered a deep passion to empower others to help themselves using EFT.

Shalini is now focused on working long term with a small group of clients who are tired of feeling "stuck" in their situation and are "ready" and "committed" to bringing in BIG SHIFTS that they seek in their lives.


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