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  • Do you feel like your life is just not working?
  • Are you sick and tired of being in pain?
  • Have you tried different things and nothing seems to be working?
  • Do you feel guilty taking it all out on your family?
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At Infinite Potential, my mission is to help those who are feeling stuck move past their difficulties quickly so they can get on with their lives with peace and clarity. I'm also passionate about encouraging and guiding those who are asking for more from their lives and are ready to undertake a journey of self discovery to reconnect with their inner wisdom, tap into their infinite potential and live a life full of joy, meaning and purpose.

Today I live the life I always dreamed of, but it was just a few years ago that I was diagnosed with an illness and confined to my bed after months of medication, physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, and acupuncture didn’t provide any relief. My life seemed to have come to a stand-still-physically, emotionally and spiritually until one day I attended a self awareness seminar and learned about this new healing technique... (to read more about Shalini click here)

Shalini is unique in that she was her first client!  Her clients say she is very passionate and dedicated to those who she works with and that she is a ‘gifted healer.’

Some of the benefits my clients experience are feeling:

  • free from the burden of pain
  • stronger and energized
  • happier and in a more positive mood
  • more peace and clarity in their day to day life
  • a sense of awareness and understanding and taking charge of their life
  • like life works FOR me! not against me
  • a new sense of confidence and courage to say YES! to new opportunities coming their way; trying things they never dared to before
  • like "Bring it on"..."I can handle it"!

Clients that benefit most from my programs are those who are:

  • feeling stuck and frustrated but open to trying something different
  • ready to do what it takes to create the change/relief they are seeking
  • excited about self development and self growth
  • Understand the importance of doing the inner work for outer results
  • ready to invest in themselves knowing the benefits they reap will out do their investment


Krina Mehta
Student, Bangkok Patana School

Pain from Sprained ankle gone in the first session! After the first session I could immediately sense a difference.

After the first session I could immediately sense a difference. I had been on crutches and in pain for a month. After my first session with Shalini, I did not have to wear the ankle support for the rest of the day or the next week. I really could not believe it. Getting relief of this pain is a huge accomplishment, that medicines and treatments only gave me for a temporary period.

Nadim Xavier Salhani
Group Managing Director , Au Bon Pain, Dunkin Donuts (Thailand)

I was surprised at how amazingly calm I was when I travelled underground in the MRT two days after the session.

I have suffered from anxiety disorder for the past 15 years...something that has affected my business traveling and sometime jeopardized my career. I tried Shalini's EFT with a lot of skepticism at first, as it defies all logic....but it worked....and I was surprised at how amazingly calm I was when I travelled two days later, underground on the MRT or taking the lift to the 30th floor, when in the past, these issues where giving me a lot of stress, fear, and stomach tensions. It is amazingly simple and easy...and it works, and I look very much forward to doing it again...Thanks Shalini!

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Terms of Use - Disclaimer: Shalini J. Yamdagni is not a licensed health care professional. She offers EFT as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. She combines knowledge from her background in Psychology and Social Work and other health modalities such as Chakra Diagnoses, Chakra Balancing, Radical Healing. There is a core element of spirituality in her approach to EFT. (Read More)